Improve your chances of getting a sales job

Improve your chances of getting a sales job

Here at Talent Shifters we mainly recruit for sales and marketing positions within the timeshare industry and we want to help improve your chances of getting a sales job. People who have endured timeshare sales training courses often turn out to be some of the best sales people with many eventually starting their own sales businesses. It is a small industry and people used to get jobs based on word of mouth and were often poached from other resorts, however, this has now changed. We have seen some of the best sales reps known in Europe apply for jobs and not even make it to the interview stage, and this is why….

Times have changed, recruiters are getting younger, and people are employed in human resources based on their experience working in HR, not their experience in the timeshare industry. Therefore, the industry greats are not being recognised when their names appear on their desks. We have written this post to help people improve their chances of being employed as a salesperson. As a recruiter, we only get paid if you get the job, therefore, it is financially beneficial for us if you take this on board!

The Job Application

  1. Apply the correct way
  2. Cover notes

When you apply for a job, do not just comment “interested” on a post and expect the the job offers to roll in. A job post will tell you how to apply, it maybe that you are commenting on, or messaging a person who just shared the post and your interest in the position will go unrecognised. If there is a link to a website, apply online.

If the job advertisement requests that you email your CV, always include a cover note. Tell them what job you are applying for and why you think you would be a good fit for the positions. Make yourself stand out.

Your CV

  1. Use an up-to-date CV
  2. Attach an image
  3. References

You must have an up-to-date CV, and only include jobs relating to sales. Including a photo on your CV will massively increase your chances of getting an interview, and you must be looking your smartest. Presentation is everything! Most people will not call your references listed on your CV, but if it is possible try to list someone whose name might be recognised.

If you need help building a CV, there are many free CV builders out there. You can create a free account on our Talent Shifters website, fill in your profile section and you can download a free professional CV with an image. More information can be found here

Social Media

  • LinkedIn
  • Social profile images

Recruiters want to know who they are going to be interviewing/employing before they make a decision. There is a good chance that they will check you out on social media prior to your interview. They are not just doing this to see what you look like, they want to know what type of person you are.

LinkedIn: If you don´t already have one, create a LinkedIn account. For those of you who do not know what LinkedIn is, it is social media for professionals. It is free and very simple to create an account. I guarantee that people will look you up if you are applying for a professional sales job. You can create an account on this link 

Now you have your account you may need to dress it up a bit. Add your employment experience, upload a professional profile picture and start connecting with others to start your network. Connect with people who work at the company and view their profiles. They will then get a notification that you have viewed their profile and will see your name, plant a seed and get them to see what you want them to see. Feel free to connect with me to get started Connect Now

Social Media profile picture: If you are applying for jobs via a Facebook add or in a Facebook group, your Facebook profile will be the first thing they see. Your first impression should not be pictures of you drunk with your friends! This is your personal page and you should be able to post what ever you like, and you can… but it may stop you getting a job! Don´t let recruiters see any unnecessary baggage, I know this is going to sound bad, but if a recruiter sees a profile picture of a mum with young children they may be reluctant to hire you. Let them find out about your personal life once you have the job. You can always change your profile picture back as soon as you get the job.

The Interview

  1. Arrive on time
  2. First impression 
  3. Show confidence, not arrogance
  4. Ask the right questions

Interview start time: Arriving to an interview early shows respect and your eagerness to work. Allow yourself enough time to allow for traffic and parking. Arriving late for an interview shows an employer that you are likely to be late for your shifts if they employ you.

First Impression: Dress smart and do not smoke moments before you start. You are not the only person interviewing for the job, being better presented will give you an upper hand against a competing candidate. Smoking: In many jobs, the people who smoke take more breaks, and if it is a face to face position you are applying for, your employer knows that customers will not want to stand close to a smoker if they stink of cigarettes.

Show confidence, not arrogance: There is a difference between confidence and arrogance and you need to understand this. The person interviewing you is the person who makes the decision. You could be the best salesperson for the job, but if they don´t like your personality, you will not get the job. Be confident and talk about previous awards and achievements, but don´t mention figures. No one likes that person who still lives in the memories of their glory days.

Ask the right questions: In sales, your manager wants to hire people who want to make money! Ask about commission and performance incentives, but never the basic. People who ask about the basic salary in a sales interview will probably not get the job. We understand that everyone wants to know how much they are going to get paid, but wait until they mention it. Ask what the top earners make and show that you are competitive.

We hope this post helps improve your chances of getting your next job!

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