Timeshare Jobs in Tenerife

Timeshare jobs in Tenerife

Due to the all-year-round warm weather and constant flow of tourism, the Canary Islands have been considered the main hub for the timeshare industry. However, like the rest of the world, COVID forced the closure of many resorts which caused a 90% reduction in timeshare jobs in Tenerife.

As we get back to normal life, things are finally starting to seem brighter. It was said that COVID would be the death of timeshare, however, the industry is fighting back and we have now seen the first major travel club investing back into the island, creating more jobs in the south and north of the island. Resorts are starting to reopen and we expect companies to feel financially safe again to reinvest in promoting timeshare resorts in Tenerife.

Although we are nowhere near where we left off, 2023 has certainly regained hope in the industry for many great sales reps and telemarketers. It will not be long now until our island thrives again! 

We will use this post to promote current timeshare jobs in Tenerife, adding new positions as soon as they become available. 

Available Timeshare Jobs in Tenerife

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  1. Michelle Vorindan
    April 2, 2023

    Looking to move back to Spain very experienced with PHD level education in progress. Looking forward to speaking with you I emailed our resumes thank you

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